Creek Counselors

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Meet Ms. Simmons, Mr. Bundrick and Ms. Dawkins your RCE Counselors for the 2019-2020 school year.

RAMPElementary School Counseling Program
Vision Statement 

Rocky Creek Elementary Rangers are responsible, collaborative, life-long learners and leaders who are self-directed and well prepared to obtain the skills necessary to  confidently  pursue the college and career opportunities of a global and competitive 21st Century.

* Each student participates in a safe, nurturing, and high quality instructional
* Each student receives the academic, social/emotional, and career support necessary to
successfully reach his or her goals.
* Each student receives the support necessary to eliminate barriers to learning.
* Each student is supported by a comprehensive school counseling program that
facilitates strategic partnerships between the school, family, and community.

Rocky Creek Elementary School
Counseling Program Mission

The Rocky Creek Elementary School Counselors, in partnership with our staff, parents, and community, will provide a comprehensive and developmental  school counseling  program to ensure all students are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to become caring, productive, and self-directed leaders of the 21st Century.

Therefore, we will provide:

  • a learning environment that is equitable and accessible for each student.
  • opportunities for each student to participate in exceptional learning experiences in the areas of academic, social/emotional, and career development that sets high expectations for each student.
  • rigorous, relevant, and real life learning experiences to develop talents, interests and leadership skills in each student.
  • effective data to personalize learning to ensure that each student is learning 21st century skills, knowledge and attitudes.
  • a professional culture of collaboration, care, and support.

Rocky Creek ElementarySchool
Counseling Program Beliefs

School counselors in the Rocky Creek Elementary School Counseling Program believe:

* Each student has dignity and worth.

* Each student can achieve academic, social/emotional, and career success when given appropriate and timely support and interventions as well as rigorous and relevant instruction.

* Each student has the right to a safe and nurturing high quality instructional environment which supports and enhances academic achievement and leadership.

* Each student’s needs (ethnic, cultural, racial, socioeconomic, gender differences and developmental and emotional exceptionalities) are considered in the planning and implementing of the school counseling program

* Each student should have access to a full-time, state-certified, Master’s-degree-level school counselor to deliver the school counseling program.

* The school counseling program is planned, coordinated, and evaluated by the school counselors with input from staff and parents as well as an advisory council comprised of professional school counselors, school level representatives, and community members.

* The school counseling program is based on specified goals and developmental student standards and competencies and is accountable and evaluated through the use of data for program development and ongoing assessment.

* School counselors will serve as leaders and collaborators in assessing the school for barriers to academic success and advocating for positive reform efforts for every student.

* School counselors will abide by the Ethical Standards for School Counselors, advocated by the American School Counselor Association, to make informed decisions based on the highest moral principles.

* School counselors will honor the school mission to Live Well, Lead Responsibly, and Learn by Doing Our Best through participation in ongoing professional development and professional organizations.

* School counselors will respond collaboratively to educate students by providing a challenging and engaging program that aligns with The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs (third edition).