Nurse’s Nook

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Mrs. Forche is our School Nurse.  Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Immunizations State law requires that the school have a copy of an up to date immunization record for each child that is attending our school.

MedicationsI can only administer medications that are brought in by parents/guardians. ALL medications must have a corresponding consent form for that student with parent/guardian signature. ALL prescription medication consent forms MUST have the physician signature. Prescription medications also must have the current prescription label for the medication with that student’s name on the label. The student may not bring in any medication to or from school. All medication must be brought in by an adult to the health room. 

Illness Common reasons for a child to be kept at home or reasons they will be sent home from school.
* Any child with a fever of 100 degrees F or higher
* 3 or more bouts of diarrhea
* Vomiting
* Any headache, stomach ache, wound, cough or illness that is distracting them so much that they and/or others are distracted or are at risk of illness or injury.

If a child is sent home because of one of these reasons, they can return to school only after a period of 24 hours of being fever free without medication.

InjuriesIf they get a scrape of superficial cut, I will clean it and apply a bandage when appropriate. If they have full range of motion and can put all their weight on their injured leg/foot, I will check for swelling. If no signs of distress, I will apply ice and send them back to class. If they bumped their head, I will assess for signs of distress and apply ice. If I see any reason that the student may be in need of further medical care, I will call the parent. But if I do not see any reason why they cannot return to class, I will send them back.

Lice If your child has any nits closer than ¼ inch from the scalp or live lice, they will be sent home before or at the end of the school day to be treated.  After a treatment has been given and we have rechecked and cleared the student so that no nits are closer than ¼ inch from the scalp or no live lice are found, they may return to school.

Soiled clothingAccidents happen in the restroom, cafeteria and on the playground. The health room is stocked with a limited supply of borrowed clothing to help in these situations.  We will place their soiled clothing in a plastic bag and given to student to place in their backpack upon return to class. With a limited supply we will need the clothing returned by the end of the week. We would also appreciate donations at any time of shoes, socks, shirts or pants.

It is my goal to help keep students healthy and keep parents informed. Feel free to call anytime with questions or concerns. You can contact me or my Health Room Assistant, Marina Stegmann, at  803-821-4193 or 803-821-4198.